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Hon.Naseer Ahamed

Hon. Governor of the North Western Province

Ms. Deepika K. Gunaratne

Chief Secretary of the North Western Province


Secretary of the Chief Ministry of the North Western Province

Subject and Main activities

The Chief Ministry of North Western Provincial Council was established under the power of 13th amendment to the constitution to perform its mandatory given responsibilities of Finance and planning, Law and peace, Local Government and Manpower, Education and Cultural Affairs, Land, Transport, Environment, Tourism, Investment Co- ordination, Co- operative and Food Supply Distribution.

The duties and responsibilities of the ministry are making and management of policies to create wisdom society with developed infrastructure in all above mentioned aspects with cultural values within the capacities of North Western Province.

Provincial Department of Education , Local Government , Department of Engineering, Provincial Revenue Department and statutory bodies Wayamba Development Authority , Human Resource Development Authority , Early Childhood Education Development Authority , Provincial Environmental Authority , Machinery and Equipment Authority , Janakala Foundation are established Institutes to facilitate these duties and responsibilities

Objectives of Chief Ministry
  • Quality living standard people in North western province through reducing unemployment by optimized formal education
  • To protect cultural heritages for forthcoming generation
  • Sustainably developed infrastructure facilities in North western province in the fields of Education, Cultural, Local Government, Cooperation, Environment, Tourism
  • To provide effective and efficient service for people of North western province through good governance and improving productivity.
  • Making and Monitoring policies for Sectors entitled to ministry’s subjects.
  • Establishment of organizational structure and compare legislative provisions for implementing policies of the province..
  • Making Development plan, Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Providing facilities for Investment promotion.
  • Supporting to the political Authority for solving requirement, of people which comes through different lines.
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